Medical How do I address institutional action?

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Dear respected SDN Experts,

First, I want to thank you for providing this safe space for aspiring physicians/nurses/healthcare professionals out there to ask the most personal questions and also providing invaluable, honest advice on each question.

To briefly give you my background, I am a 'non-traditional' re-applicant, looking to reapply during the 2021 application cycle.

I received an institutional action back in 2014 (during Senior year of undergrad), due to a significant drop in my GPA and received a dismissal notice during my final quarter. After meeting with the dean and academic counselor, I was granted a scholarship waiver and I was able to graduate with a bachelor's degree, which I am very grateful for.

Of course, I explained why my GPA suddenly dropped significantly during my senior year; from my mother diagnosed with cancer to working several jobs to cover medical expenses but retrospectively, I should have reached out to my academic counselor for advice.

Fast forward, I worked diligently to 'renovate' my application by actively seeking clinical experiences and receiving As from post-bacc courses taken through local college extension programs. I am hoping this continued effort to improve my application and MCAT score will help the admission committee see I am truly determined to follow through with this path.

My question is, how can I better address the institutional action, "Scholarship Waived by Dean", that is notated in my transcript, other than self-reflection?

Thank you very much for taking the time to read my question!
You explain it exactly as you did here.

Academic IAs are not app killers by any means. What matters is that your GPA recovers via reinvention.

Six years ago is also a very long time in app years

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