Medical How do I answer misdemeanor prompt on AMCAS for traffic offense?

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Mar 12, 2013
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I pleaded guilty to a traffic offense six years ago and paid the ticket fine. I believe it amounted to a misdemeanor in the state where I lived at the time but am not certain. Out of an abundance of caution I plan to disclose the incident on my application, keep it matter-of-fact and concise, while answering the prompt completely on AMCAS. Does the following address the matter sufficiently?

"In [month] 2014, I entered a plea of guilty in municipal court to a charge of reckless driving in [town], [state], were I lived while stationed at [military base]. I paid a fine for the traffic offense. There was no accident involved."

The AMCAS prompt is: Please explain the circumstances of your conviction, including the number of conviction(s), the nature of offense(s) leading to conviction(s), date and location of conviction(s), the sentence(s) imposed, and the type(s) of rehabilitation. *

You got a misdemeanor for a traffic ticket?

If you are absolutely sure it was a misdemeanor, then the way you wrote it above I think would suffice.
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