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Mar 9, 2005
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Hi everyone,

I'm just starting the application process for Fall 2006 acceptance, and I'm having trouble starting the task of choosing schools that will be best for me. I know of a few important things to look at, like curriculum, location, research focus, etc., but I find that most information online is quite similar from school to school, not to mention overwhelming. I know that no two med schools are exactly alike, but the info I'm finding online hasn't been a huge help in adding schools to my list or crossing them off.

I am open to many areas of the country (though I'd prefer to stay in California) so location is not quite as important to me as it is to others, so I guess most of my decisions should be based on curriculum, how happy the students are, etc. I'm not comfortable adding or removing schools from my list just based on whether it "seems likely" that they would admit me or not - from what I've heard, you just never know.

How did you all decide where to apply? What questions should I be asking myself to narrow down my list?

Thanks in advance for all the help!
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Feb 16, 2005
If location is not a big deal to you, then look for some things in the schools such as avg stats of their matriculants that put you in their range....if you're interested in research, look into whether the school is big on research, has received a lot of research grants,etc....look for the type of setting the school is in, whether it be in a city, suburb, or whatever (unless this doesnt matter to you either)...further on, you can look at match lists to see if that school places its students in competitive residencies....visit the schools, talk to students and profs who go there, ask them why they chose that school or anything else you want to each school's brochure, see the type of curriculums they offer, whether it is strictly lecture based, or if they have PBL, or a combination....these are just some things you can check out, but it'll give you a start, good luck!
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