General How do I determine if I was ever under institutional action?

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Oct 14, 2011
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I am currently filling out my AAMC application and the question about institutional action has came up. So I had a rocky start in college and was in academic warning for the first couple of years due to poor semester GPA. I emailed my advisor and asked if I was ever in warning and she said that I would know if I was. I feel like I remember meeting with my advisor but I am unsure of if I was ever under any institutional action. How would I go about figuring this out? I looked through my student email and I have an email stating that financial aid had me in warning, but I am unsure how to word this. Should I just look at the semesters I met the academic warning criteria and assume that I was in warning> I want to be as transparent as possible on my application so everything can go smooth.
Check your student handbook and email your dean of students.
I have since graduated. I will have to look for the handbook. I looked online and it was the least of help. I also am currently looking for the dean of students email.
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