Medical How do I list projected hours on my application?

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Sep 4, 2006
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Hello, and thank you for taking the time to read this. I am almost finished filling out the AMCAS application, but I wasn't sure how to list projected hours for activities that I am currently involved with. For instance, I could set the end date for an activity to be the end of next year (when I would matriculate assuming I get in) and put the projected hours into the total hours box, but then there's no way to delineate which hours were projected and which ones I've already done. I could put projected hours into a second activity that I note is redundant with the first entry (as this would tell those reviewing my application which hours were projected and which were already completed), but that would lower the number of activities that I could list on my application.

1) Is there a rule of thumb with listing projected hours, or is it better to just list hours that are completed at the time of application?
2) Is there a preference among admissions councils? Sorry if this question is redundant but my googling didn't give me a good consensus, and thank you all again for your time!
1) Many do not list Future Hours. But if you're fairly sure of continuing until a set date, use the Repeated feature on AMCAS to divide out completed vs future hours for an activity. This will work if you use the same month for the End Date of the first span and also the Start Date for the second span. (Do not try to enter a future month for the beginning of the second date span, as the program will refuse to Save it.) Both date spans will appear in the header of the same Activity box. Another option, if you are not sure of ongoing participation or a sure End Date, is to add a comment at the end of the narrative space that you "plan to continue for x hrs/week through the fall term," or somesuch that is vague. Keep in mind that your Contact should be able to validate the timeframe of involvement by the time of your med school matriculation.

2) As long as you distinguish Completed vs Future, it doesn't matter what option you choose.
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