how do i review my topscore test?


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Aug 21, 2008
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Yeah, I think they should make it easier to review these tests. Here's what I did: I printed out a list of all my answers, then I went back to each section to take a closer look at anything I got wrong. There will be a timer for each section - if you're just going over your mistakes, you probably won't need to change the timer, but if you want to go over everything, then you'll need to change it. Most of the sections have pretty good explanations, but PAT and RC have nothing. I wasted a lot of paper just to go over my Topscore tests!


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May 3, 2009
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you dont need to do that! i went to the tool bar at the top of the topscore program after i finished test 1. under test session i did start test session. i disabled the timer. then i went through each question and at the bottom of the question it says solution. if you already did that specific test then itll tell you if you got it right or not and give you an explanation and tell you the right answer. all my answers were already marked so i knew what i chose so if i got it wrong i could see what i thought it was. theres no solution option for reading and pat. just sciences and math.
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