How does secondary essay processing work? How long does it take?

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Aug 10, 2022
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I'm taking my Casper on August 11th (tomorrow) and since Casper takes 2-3 weeks to process and be sent to schools, I was contemplating just submitting the secondary essays for both AMCAS and TMDSAS after Casper gets sent out.

I don't see the point of submitting the secondary essays before Casper processes unless there's a processing time for the secondary's as well?

Could someone explain if my line of thinking makes sense haha.

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If we don't know how schools use the CASPER, we can't really tell you how to strategize. It could be that the CASPER is used down the line after the primary and secondary are read by a reader. In that case, you should get your secondaries in promptly so that you are queued for review. It could be that the CASPER is used as a weed-out and your secondary won't be read if your CASPER is in the cellar.

Do you get CASPER scores? I rather think that you don't so it isn't as if you can just fold and quit this cycle if the scores are poor, right?

Don't procrastinate with the secondaries unless you need the extra time to raise funds to pay the fees.
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No I don't get it. It takes time to process your secondaries to make sure everything is in before moving you footwear to screening, and we will go in chronological order.

Get your secondaries done. Get the Casper over with... you'll get a quartile ranking but nothing else. There is no consensus in how an application is used so don't fret over it. Practice with the scenarios in the free Casper SJT forum before you take the test.

In some cases Casper results can be used as a tiebreaker for getting an interview or for getting an offer off a waitlist. The possibilities are endless (and I can think of a few) so just get it done.
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