How hard is it for you to get a flat "A" in Physics at your school ?


10+ Year Member
Jun 17, 2006
My physics prof makes it possible to get an A in Physics without really knowing that much about physics. He more or less tells us exactly which questions to study for the exams. He assigns about 20 questions per chapter in the Cutnell book and has exams on four or five chapters at a time. So really you only have to study about 100 questions for a 40 questions physics exam.

On the actual exam he changes about 20 of the 40 exam questions but only in very minute ways ( perhaps he will reverse an energy question or change the signs on a couple of fields, ect but for about 20 of the questions he gives them right out of the homework.

Is this practice of telling you exactly which questions to study common ?

Also, I have heard that grades in Physics, Analytical Chem and Biochem are considered premium grades as they are the harderst classes a premed often takes. Have you heard this as well ?
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