How high yield are OMG OMT videos in preparation for COMLEX?

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Aug 21, 2016
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Hi guys. I recently purchase a subscription to OMG OMT and I wanted to know what people thought about it. While it seems to have a lot of high yield info it is lacking a LOT of information. For those who have taken board exams using it what do you think? How high yield was it?

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They don't have anything that's not in a Savarese green book. You can read Savarese in 2 days cover to cover and you'll get a LOT more info that OMGOMT skipped or considered low yield. The thing is in Comlex you get low yiled a lot more often than high yield lol, so I wouldn't use an inferior resource. Why? The only positive in OMG OMT was last year when you could watch 14 videos in like 5 hours just to refresh knowledge - useful before OMM exam.
Also, I had subscription for OMG OMT that I bought from them and guess what? They took down the website last year. Then they provided crippled version of it on youtube as a remedy. I still can't get pdf notes that I used to study on their website. Why would you do that to people who bought it? First they told us they were going out of business, then they said they are revising website. I'm just saying that they can do that kind of things without warning and leave you in void.
I totally agree with this. OMG OMT seems high yield at the outset, but actually is lacking a ton of information. I really liked using CPM OMM during my prep. It is more test relevant and oriented than savarese and has a ton of good reviews so far. If you are looking for something more high yield than OMG but in the same format.. check out CPM OMM... enough with the damn acronyms now though. Good luck on your tests. Hope this response helps you out.