Apr 27, 2017
Physical Therapist
Hello I took April NPTE exam and I want to know the method for calculation . do they take the whole score of questions ? for example if I didn't answer for example all non system but I ANSWERED most of neuro and orthopedic I will be failed in non system and whole exam ? or the total score is the most important not to be less than 75 %
Apr 27, 2017
The NPTE is a calculated scaled score with a cut off score set. The cut off score varies from test to test depending on the difficulty level and how the testing pool performed. A 600 is considered the lowest score to be deemed entry level. So if you scored 150/200 or a 75% and the cut off score is 72% then you would expect to receive a score of anywhere between 630-650 which would be PASS.
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