how many away rotations?

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Mar 24, 2005
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I'm trying to figure out how many away rotations I will do next year. I will rotate at my home institution and at least one away, but if I do a second ortho away my school takes away our 4 weeks of vacation that we are supposed to use for step 2 and for interviewing. Also trying to get back west (OR,WA,CA,CO,AZ,UT,NM) from a school in the NE and I am probably an average ortho applicant, decent boards and grades with some research experience. So how important is doing a second away?

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i am not sure what you situation is ... you really have to asses yourself as an applicant ... if you are trying to go back west, i would choose one area .... an rotate at a program you feel your are a good applicant for ...

for us, we are more likely to rank you high if we know you .... that being said, if you have a bad rotation, forget about it ...

so, rotate else where and rock it