Opening up regions with away rotations

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Jul 26, 2017
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I will be applying ortho next cycle and am contemplating where I should do aways. I go to a T20 school in nyc and have lived my entire life in nyc. I would like to stay in nyc but I understand how competitive the ortho match is and the most important thing to me is increasing my chance of matching. I am afraid that because I have lived my entire have in nyc and have no strong ties to other states like California and Chicago etc. schools in those states won't take a serious look at my application. I can do 4 away rotations in addition to my home rotation. Do you think that by doing an away in california, boston, chicago etc. schools in those states will consider my app more seriously or will only the specific school that I rotate at look at my app more closely? Do you think it makes sense to do aways in different geographic regions to "open them up"?

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