How many DOs?

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Nov 8, 2003
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Throughout this interview season I kept hearing about the increase in applicants to PMR. How much of that increase was from us DOs :) ? And how much of that increase is from Allopathic students? I have a feeling that a lot of this increase is from Osteopathic students. I'm curious to know who are DOs on this PMR forum.

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Obviously from my signature, I am a DO. Regarding the increase in applicants, I had the impression that there were always a huge amount of DO applicants. From my school alone, there has been an average of 7-11 students/year who went into PM&R. I would guess that the # of US-trained MD applicants that has increased more than DOs. Throughout all of my interviews, I ran into only 6 FMGs/USIMGs. Thus, I would assume that there is a bigger increase in US applicants.

Last year's NRMP match showed that out of total # of applicants who matched, 56% of them were US-trained MDs? I wonder what percentage of the total applicants who matched were DOs? I would guess 25-35%.
I'm sure the Osteos-to-be would be able to take the informal pulse of their perspective classes, but my allopathic class has 5 or 6 people applying to PMR...out of 240+.

I would guestimate on the interview trail that the MD/DO ratio was roughly 2:1, at least on the days and places I interviewed at. How's that for a scientific study :laugh:

I have heard from the MSUCOM people I run into on rotations that a lot of their classmates are interested in PMR...and heard that on the interview trail as well.
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I think that DO's get more exposure to PM&R at DO schools and the whole idea of musculoskeletal medicine that doesn't involve chopping bones off kind of intuitively obvious. And, PM&R is a great context to use the hands-on stuff that we learn---PT's are using it all the time! The other day I walked by and saw a PT doing cranial on a patient in the hospital. I had to look twice and just about fell over! The MD's could care less what the PT is doing, but if I said was going tweak my patient's temporal bone they would laugh me out the hospital...
YEAH PTs!!! PM&R is a strong possibility in my future as is a DO degree. You guys are great here, I love reading these posts.