How many units do you work in private practice?

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Nov 13, 2006
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Hi all,

Just wondering how many units people in private practice are working? I'm in academics currently, and have limited private practice experience, but am assigned to give a talk to the residents. I used to work around 1000-1100 units per month, but not sure if that is low average or high, and don't know if this was average in this area only (Southern CA). That was with a hospital group. Anyone with input please give any perspectives. Thanks.

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I think average of 1000 units a month is about right. In a fairly busy practice and with cardiac surgery, one could probably go up to 1500 or even 1600 a month. I know I have maxed out at 2100 in one really busy month where I did 15 hearts and a bunch of ortho, general stuff in addition. Average guy in a slow practice might do 750 to 800 points a month.
Thanks for the reply. Yipes, 2000+ for the month sounds pretty crazy.