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Jan 5, 2004
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i know a lot of schools have a harvey simulator and even pay people to immitate patients...

what does nycom do first and second years to get the students learn hands on ?

i've also heard about a new harvey type simulator being under construction right now. Do you know which year/when students will actually get to use it m1/m2?


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Dec 18, 2001
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There is a standardized patient program where you practice your physical exam and history taking skills with paid patient actors.
You do this throughout your 1st and second year as part of the family practice course.

Inaddition, NYCOM is in the process of building a new patient simulator lab. The rooms will be equipt with cameras, two-way mirrors and some other stuff so professors can evaluate your physical exam and history taking skills. The patient simulator lab should be complete by this fall.

Also, NYCOM bought 3 of the robot patient simulators that students will be working on in addition to the standardize patient program.

Hope this helps.


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May 15, 2002
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There's also some mentor and preceptorship programs you can participate in if you'd like. The first and second years I know in the program spend some afternoons with their mentor and sometimes round with them on weekends in the hospital.

You start intro to clinical medicine in the spring of your first year which is totally hands-on..... on your classmates that is.

The patient simulator lab will be really cool.... the robot simulator will be able to talk to you, imitate a few dozen different syndromes, imitate code situations, etc. The pupils dilate, you can draw blood, insert IVs, offer pharmacologic intervention (which the robot correctly responds to physiologically), put in a chest tube, check peripheral pulses, intubate, etc. Cool stuff...
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