How Much Do Neurologists Work?


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Aug 26, 2003
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    Here is some interesting stuff from the American Academy of Neurology. While I was "spring cleaning" all my ancient piles of unread stuff, I found "Neurologists 2000," an AAN survey of what neurologists do with their time. I guess they do this survey every year, but the 2000 version seems to be the only one I've ever gotten. Anyway, the data is all about neurology demographics (of course, it does NOT address salaries -- sorry). Anyway, here is some data that might be enlightening.
    The survey is broken down by practice setting: solo, neurology group, multispecialty group, university/academic, government (VA, etc), HMO, and "other." I have attached some detailed tables for you to look at, but on average:

    Neurologists work 58 hours a week and
    See 72 patients during that week.
    It'll keep ya busy.


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    Apr 28, 2004
      According to, the average neuro practicing in the midwest makes $157k/year. 58 hours sounds like a long workweek to me. If that $157k comes from 58 hours, then if you only worked 40 hours, you'd pull in $108k. Do neurologists have the freedom to choose their hours like that?
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