Medical How should I choose BS/MD Programs in public vs private unit?

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Sep 28, 2009
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Hi, I'm a senior looking into colleges. I am very sure about studying medicine, which is why I think taking a BS/MD program would be my best option (from previous research I have done). Since medicine is such an expensive career to study, my question is: is it really worth investing 6/7/8 years in a private university for their BS/MD program (colleges such as BU or Cornell) or will I get the same education, resources, network etc as I would in a Public school like UCONN, from their special program in medicine? and what are the thoughts of going from community college to med school? any suggestions or ideas would be really helpful! thank you!
So a few parts to this:

1. Both private and public schools will make you a physician. BS/MD is great if you know you want to study medicine as it guarantees you admission. Certain prestigious private schools may give you a leg up in certain specialties, particularly if you know you want to go to a competitive institution. However, you will be a doctor coming from either, and you should weigh how much the price tag will affect you and how much you care about these factors.

2. At the very least, your pre-requisites should be done at a four year college if you plan to apply to medical school.

3. If you are certain you wish to study medicine, BS/MD is great. Otherwise, just focus on getting into college and getting the best grades you can. That's the way to get into medical school.
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