Dental How should I handle TMDSAS optional essay?

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Oct 14, 2011
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Hello! I had some questions about the TMDSAS optional essay. I wanted to elaborate on when I took a semester off of school in Fall 2018. This was really important as it changed my career direction, improved the way I deal with situations, and my decision making skills. I saw that we are supposed to write about things that have not been previously presented. There is a mandatory 600 character prompt in a previous section to describe interruptions to education. I filled this out with the bare information (dates, actions taken by my school, etc) since there was not much space. Since I already filled out the section about educational interruptions, would I not be able to talk about the semester off in my optional essay?
Since we don't have your full application, the "interruptions" essay is appropriate for your semester off. I guess the prompt for the optional essay is a catch-all for anything else you haven't otherwise mentioned elsewhere in the application, so I wouldn't rehash in the optional essay unless there were specific details you didn't include.
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