How to best use Junior year before applying to MD/DO schools


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Mar 3, 2017
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I plan on applying to medical school during the 2018-2019 cycle as a Junior in Texas (resident), and I was hoping to seek some advice from this community on how to best use this year!

Current Stats:
- cGPA: 3.82 (For TMDSAS, this will be around a 3.88 since it does not do the +/- system)
- sGPA: 3.74(For TMDSAS, this will be around a 3.77 since it does not do the +/- system)
-Major: Human Biology with an emphasis in business (30 hours of business classes from McCombs Business School)
- MCAT: Testing Sept. 9th or Jan. 18th
- I have two strong science LOR's from my biochemistry professor and Gen. Chem lab professor as well as a very strong LOR from a humanities professor
- Shadowing: 20 Hours - (10 with Anesthesia, 10 Primary Care)
- Clinical Experience: Certified Physical Therapist Tech. (135 Hours Paid), Hospice Home Health (This fall)

- Leadership: Local Church worship Leader and bible study leader (High school), Fraternity Worship Leader and Service Chair, Ambassador for the College of Natural Sciences at UT Austin, Peer Lead Undergraduate Study Coordinator, Tutor for underserved youth

- Volunteering: Inner-city Youth Volunteering (200 hours), Christian Welcome Camp Counselor and Worship coordinator, international medical mission trip - I was a lead teaching volunteer and taught people basic home-health technique to alleviate common illness. (100 hours)

- Research: No publications, but I will be joining a neuropsychology lab this fall (10 hours a week)
-Work Experience: Camp Counselor/Worship Leader/Audio Engineer/Health Aide for half a summer at a summer camp (Post freshman year)

My question to you all is, how can I use my junior year to maximize my pre-med application before May 1st, 2018?

My dream school is McGovern Med in Houston, which I've heard has an average MCAT of a 510+ and GPA around a 3.8.

Thank you all for your help!
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