How to integrate DIT into study plan?

Discussion in 'Step I' started by GoldSoundz, Apr 10, 2010.

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  1. GoldSoundz


    Mar 13, 2010
    I'm eager to hear how other people have/are planning to integrate DIT into their study schedule. Here's my quandry:

    6 weeks to study following comprehensive finals the first week of May. I hate to say it, (and sometimes wonder if I'm not alone) but I haven't gotten even 1/10th of the boards studying done that I had intended at this point. By the time I start my dedicated study period, I'll only have gone through about 70% of FA on a first pass and maybe 500 QBank questions. ('s kind of painful for me to see this in print!)

    Anyway, I signed up for DIT thinking it would be the kick in the ass I need to jumpstart my studying. My question is, given that I've done not-too-much at this point and will be making my great strides over the 6 weeks, would it be best to 1) do the class for the first two weeks so as to have a complete first-pass and go from there, or 2) cover everything first on my own and do DIT as a 2nd or 3rd pass, or 3) not do DIT at all and go with something more 'Taus-y' for the whole time? Shooting for 240+. I was excited about DIT until someone posted a sample video the other day; now I'm not too sure. But I'm inclined to give it a fair shot based on the mostly positive feedback...and cognitive dissonance.

    Thanks for reading. Recap: Is DIT better as a first or 2nd pass? Any and all advice appreaciated.

    Edit: From what I've read on here, it sounds like he pretty much dictates to you a lot of HY annotations-->FA. This was one of the reasons I was thinking it might not be bad as a first pass. Maybe someone who's taken it can comment on this?
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  3. Macguy86


    Mar 12, 2010
    I too was disappointed by the sample video. However, I am still going to purchase it as it will be my 3rd run through FA. After watching the video (I had just reviewed Cardio) i thought it was good to reinforce the material...he would have gone way too fast for me if I had not gone through it myself already. When you study sometimes you skip over a detail here or there, so its good after going through FA/Goljan/BRS Physio so you have your baseline understanding, and when he makes connections you have a better grasp of the material..almost like pre-reading before classes (that happened all of 2 times during my 1st two years). But its more effective learning IMO.

    My vote would be as a 2/3rd pass. Im following a modified TAUS and using the DIT as a third run through. i am aiming for the same score, dont worry i did not study much before starting you will be fine.
  4. illixir

    illixir One 10+ Year Member

    Aug 20, 2006
    Not sure what to tell you as to what works but I am choosing to do DIT as my main pass through FA after having gone through everything else on its own once, so essentially maybe a second or third pass-ish through the material itself. I'm starting in a few days and ending exactly 2 weeks before my test date. The problem with DIT is you only get a month access which is why I'd have been reluctant to do it so far away from my test date.
  5. RapidReview

    RapidReview PGY-4 5+ Year Member

    Jan 10, 2010
    I plan on doing something similar to Captopril on these forums. I am shooting for 230+ and would be happy with 220+. I will get through my Taus first pass before school gets out, then do DIT in my first 2 weeks of board studying, then have 3 weeks to do the Taus "2 week plan," hammer out weak areas, and do lots of questions. I know the videos look odd, but people at my school swear by it.
  6. karizma098

    karizma098 Neon Tiger 5+ Year Member

    Dec 8, 2005
    DIT is great for a run through of First Aid.

    for my first run through of first aid, i did all of first aid in about 3 weeks, reading along with goljan and brs just to 'understand' the material, without memorizing much. i took an NBME at the end of this period and did terrible. i figured i might as well start my DIT videos early ( had originally planned to do them at the very end ) and i'm glad i did - though the videos are nothing impressive, it's really hard for me to sit and study staring at books for 8 or so hours a day. i use 5-6 hours of my day watching the videos and doing his quizzes and worksheets, and i learn a lot doing that. afterwards i do 48 questions randomly over all topics, and review what i missed. after every 2-3 days of DIT, i review everything he covered in first aid, and clarify stuff from goljan or brs if i dont get it - and im learning a LOT this way.

    my 48q block average on Uworld was total crap before i started DIT. since doing 7 / 15 days of the vidoes, my percentage jumped up about 10%. if i only do questions focused on the topics he's covered so far , i'm consistently score 15% higher, at least.

    DIT ISNT for people who understand everything in first aid already and are great self teachers. if youre a bit weak and low on time, it's a great way to nail the high yield stuff in about 2-4 weeks of studying/videos. i plan on watching the videos a second time at the end before the exam.

    i say the best study technique is to use his videos to get through first aid. in your free time skim goljan and add on stuff you think is important or stuff you don't understand still.

    if you can't do them all in 15 days, spread it out over 3 or 4 weeks.

    after this run through of videos, i will do another 2 - 3 week pass of FA with all of his worksheets + goljan path again, then take an NBME and see where i'm at.

    it's a great and effective way of getting through first aid quickly. i'm a firm believer that DIT can bump a student up - yeah, it's not going to get you the advertised '237' average, i think thats kinda BS, but it will definitely help you score average or a bit better without spending months on the material.
  7. Gozar

    Gozar 2+ Year Member

    Dec 16, 2007
    I have been told by multiple MS3s who took DIT to take step <2 weeks after finishing it. The DIT people recommend a 1 week lag time between the class and your test. Considering the small amount of time that you'll have if you follow this, I think using DIT as a first pass is a mistake. You'll inevitably want to go through FA/RR several times before your exam and that just isn't possible if you finish your first run through one week ahead of time.
  8. karizma098

    karizma098 Neon Tiger 5+ Year Member

    Dec 8, 2005
    yeah, but it's definitely also helpful to use DIT to go through first aid for the first time bc of the following:

    1) it helps you get through first aid effectively in 15 days - hard to do on your own.

    2.) highlights the most high yield stuff and explains a lot of the 'confusing' stuff in first aid

    3.) forces u to memorize equations / physiology

    - that being said, i agree, definitely a mistake to do it the first time through with only a week left until your test. i'm suggesting doing DIT first , then having 2 weeks to review independently, and another 3 weeks later on in the game to do DIT a second time with that 1 week lag...
  9. Macguy86


    Mar 12, 2010
    idk how much benefit it would be to do DIT twice. getting through goljan/brs takes a while and to understand it. time wise i believe its best to go through DIT 3 weeks before the test. once your finished with the 15 day program..then 1 week to cover first aid.

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