how to make a handy Kaplan Comprehensive Review

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Feb 7, 2004
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for many and me, the kaplan comprehensive review is a good first-read (before ek/br/etc.) to revive the old info because it's concise and easy-to-read. However on the day i'm going to do a particular subject I hate hauling the huge book when the section i need is only .5" thick. so...

I was exasperated after doing 6 hours, so I grabbed the book and started throwing it at the wall, and then the light-bulb went off and my sole invention was created.

the binding for this book is real easy to break, so just isolate the chem sections first page and last page, and then just pull it apart from the rest of the book. then you can use a heavy duty stapler, or a giant paper clip (my choice).

(I had to make this superfluous post because i am again maddened, and i thought talking about my previous stress reliever would help) good bye


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Feb 27, 2004
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I didn't really tear my Kaplan comp review book into pieces. I just carried it about school and absorbed some of the material inside, osmotically speaking. At least this method helps when you have a huge pile of classes.