Feb 28, 2013
Hi, I am new to this forum so I might be asking overly asked questions but I am just starting to study for the MCAT and I would appreciate any kind of advice!

I am definitely going to be taking the "new MCAT" in 2015 and I wanted to start studying while I am taking some time off from school now since I will be busy going back to school in late summer this year.

I searched for 2015 MCAT prep books and found out that they won't be released till July. :(
So I was just wondering if I should just start studying with the resources available now which are designed for MCAT 2013/2014 or would that not helpful if I had to take the MCAT 2015? Should I just wait until July to start studying with the new prep books designed for MCAT 2015?
Mar 4, 2012
Durham, North Carolina
Medical Student (Accepted)
If I were you, I would rather take MCAT 2014