How to "SEARCH" on SDN????

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Nov 20, 2001
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I think I have been out of SDN mode too long. Could somebody please tell me how I can do a search on a particular topic in these forums. One month of no SDN and everything seems changed.


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i am having the same problem. i cut myself off from SDN so i could focus on the MCAT. Now I want to seek help with the AMCAS essays and i cannot find the search option. Any help would be appreciated.
Unfortunately they took it off for a while (I believe) so you cant do a search for the time being. Hopefully theyll put the option back though! :)
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the 'search' function has been disabled for the time being.
The search function is down for a while while they were sprucing up SDN....hopefully it will be back soon.

A suggestion would be to view the topis from one year ago, and then you could see what people were talking about last year at this time.

If you are pathetic like me, sometimes I do a Ctrl+F search on every page for a key word, which usually works if you have the patience. Just look at the dates to guide you. :D

And tweetie, welcome back!
the search isn't working right now i don't think. it didn't work after they redid the forum. then it worked for a few days, and now it doesn't work again as far as i can tell...
At least it's a good excuse to ask the same questions again. :D