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How to submit Transcript Exception Request


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2+ Year Member
Jan 5, 2019
I don't think you need to fill out a separate form. The 'exception request' is just checking the box and filling out the reason. When they verify your application, they'll confirm whether or not they need a transcript.
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Jun 11, 2020
  1. Pre-Medical
Ok. Because i did complete a degree in my native country before to immigrate. And according to the guide I shouldn't be required to provide a transcript. Because no credits was transferred.
I had to do a complete new degree here (they kindly asked me to toss my degree and forget about it when i arrived).

Plus asking for a transcript from my native country is almost impossible (my university doesn't even have a website ....). I took me 1 year to get a transcript and get accepted for a bachelor's degree... I don't want to go through the same experience.
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