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Feb 21, 2005
I'm currently taking the TPR course and am wondering how useful are the EK material? I have the the 1001 Physics and 101 Verban EK and am thinking about purchasing the 1001 Chem and 1001 OChem and the practice tests. Can anyone give me feedback on these three materials? Thanks so much :) Good luck on studying everyone!


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Apr 28, 2004
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I went with EK all the way from reading post on this site. When comparing the MCAT prep companies, most people said the EK tests are the closest to the actual exams especially their verbal. But at $20 a pop they are expensive.

I'm glad I have the 1001 series since I gain a better understanding by seeing a variety of problems.

I almost finished with the 1001 Orgo and just did chapter 1 of 1001 physics,2 passages from EK 101 verbal and chapter 1 of 1001 general chem and looks good so far. Did not get to my 1001 bio yet.

You can ask question on their website regarding specific problems in the series also.

There are errors in the books so be sure to visit their website.

The EK 1001 bio has all the questions in passage format. about 9-12 passages for each chapter. :thumbup:


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Feb 19, 2005
I can't comment on the other two, but the EK 101 Verbal book is excellent. I also took TPR, but struggled with their verbal strategy and couldn't get anything above a 7. I finally abandoned the TPR Verbal strategy for the EK one and was able to double my score for the real MCAT. I believe this is due to the fact that the types of questions EK asks are very similar to the real MCAT. Also, the length of the passages mimics the real thing much better than TPR so it's easier to get your pacing down. I would imagine EK's other books are similarly well put together, but I also think the TPR materials (especially the review books) are very good.