Dec 26, 2013
Hey everyone,
This is semi long, I apologize, I tried my best to be short and to the point!
Planning on Applying to Michigan State University CVM

I have been and still involved in rescuing animals(dogs, cats, deer, raccoons etc.) Rehoming or rehab since I was young and still help when I can.
I started working in a pet store at 16 and worked there for 5 years.
Also was a Server/bartender/manager at a bar and grill for 4 years(relevant?)
Senior yr- internship shadowing small animal and large animals.(~150 hrs)

CentrAl Michigan university
Pre vet and Communication Disorders major and a minor in Biology.

Freshman (fall 13 credits, spring 17 credits)
CMU Lunch buddies program(all 4 yrs)- mentor for 3rd graders during lunch/recess
Classes(only prepreqs)
Gen bio- C
Intro chem- B+
Nutririon- A
Microbio- B

Sophomore( 16 credits and 15 credits)
- job at a vet clinic and boarding (vet assistant, kennel supervisor) ~300 hrs
Physics 1- B-
Physics lab- A-
Orgo 1- C
Cell bio- A
* I transferred to North Carolina state university and started a BA in animal science

Junior(14 credits)
Volunteer at NC Museum of Natural Sciences, feeding animals cleaning cages- basic husbandry(~100 hrs)
equine research trial and goat research, overseen by PhD professors etc.(~100 hrs)
Taching assistant for the Into to Equine Science
Intro animal sci- B+
Intro lab- B
Animal nutrition- A-
Nutrition lab- A
Equine sci- A
Companion animals- A
Emergency happened had to move back to MI and CMU

Spring Junior and Senior (currently) 14 credits and 13 credits
Currently working Equine clinic and Equine dental teaching academy (~300 hrs +)
Physics 2- C
Lab - W (-__-)
-I got sick with a staph infection and missed 3 wks causing the W and C in physics

What's left-(graduate spring '15)
CDOs a 3 semester program, making up most of last 3 sem/36 credit calculation
For vet:
Orgo 2 and orgo lab

I am going to South Africa for 2 weeks to build schools, teach Eng For a wk, then help track endangered animals with WWF to fight against poaching the 2nd week

Cumulative gpa ~ 3.4 (have many gen eds and a whole major left still)
prereq GPA is roughly 3.3
Last 3 sem projected at a 3.8 (min for admin to speech path MA program-fallback)
GRE I am nervous for because I do not standardize test well

Letters of rec (many choices)
1. Equine vet/boss who won teaching and excellence awards at msu cvm
2. Equine Science prof (PhD in equine nutition and exercise physiology)
3. Professor who I developed relationship (PhD in biochem)

1.My higher level classes with B-/C I feel I should retake one since MSU doesnt average- But is that a waste?
2.I know I need more farm animal exp and working on finding a position
3.Is Africa more beneficial than doing a 3 week Ecology class that involves field research on an island for duration of the course?

Thank you everyone so much!!
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