General How will moving to Texas mid-application affect my residency?

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Oct 14, 2011
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Hi! Thanks for taking the time to review my question.

I applied for the 2019 med school cycle and I'm waiting to hear back from 3 schools post-II, but I'm still preparing to apply again just in case.

I'm currently a New Mexico resident, but I'll be moving to Texas the last week of June 2019. If I have to apply again, I will probably have to use my New Mexico address when I first submit (assuming I submit my TMDSAS sometime in May and my AMCAS sometime in early June), but after I move, does my residency status change? Will I still be considered a New Mexico resident for the duration of the cycle (even though my address will be a Texas address), or will I somehow switch over to Texas at some point? I know Texas is very strict about only considering an applicant as IS if they have lived in Texas for 365 consecutive days (or something like that), so I'm actually concerned that there's a chance I'll be disowned by both New Mexico and Texas as I will no longer be living in New Mexico and I will not have been in Texas long enough to be considered a resident. Any thoughts or insights on this situation are welcome. Thanks!

TMDSAS does a pretty good job with FAQ's regarding residency. I'm guessing you should contact them if you have any questions: TMDSAS Medical: Residency Information . You should probably review the affidavit you would be required to sign to affirm your eligibility.

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