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Jan 22, 2013
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I would like to know the best way to make up a missed day on sn2ed's plan. I just started the program but woke up today sick as a dog (great start :bang:)

I plan on just sleeping as much as I can today so I can possibly feel better to attack this thing full force tomorrow, but in circumstances like this, would I just redo the missed day, or do I continue on to the next planned day and just spend more time going over what I missed the day before on top of that...basically adding two days together into one (that seems like a bit much though) . Any advice would be very appreciated! :=|:-):
Nov 13, 2012
Bay Area
You can give up one break day to catch up and take your sick day as your break day for this week, with the understanding that you shouldn't do this often because you'll burn out/get off of a regular schedule.

I missed out on a day of studying last week and I plan to make up that day's work in increments throughout this week. We'll see how it goes because I haven't gotten to today's increment yet :/ I'm on the 4 month btw.