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Howar Acceoptance!!!!

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7+ Year Member
Jan 10, 2007
  1. Fellow [Any Field]
that is toooooo cute! can't even spell we are so happy to get in!:eek:
I SAW OFFER MADE TOO! that means we are in right for sure!?
i am so THANKFUL TO GOD! -- all that studying, hard work, worrying, ALL BECAUSE OF MY FAITH IN GOD!
-CONGRATS GUYS!! comming from the druty south ;) Tennessee:D
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5+ Year Member
Oct 9, 2007
  1. Pre-Dental
polar molar, i think we spoke before b/c we are both egyptians:) On my AADSAS, it says Application Recieved/Denied. I am not sure if that status has been there all along or have just been put up today. (I never checked that site.

I tried to call the office today, but Ms. Hewitt-Clarke was not in today. I will call her tomorrow and see what the deal is. I will be praying like crazy tonight that somehow I will get in.

Keep me in your prayers that God will do whatever is best for me. . .everything is in His timing:)
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