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May 6, 2013
Hey, I just want to follow up with the few MSW students who have just recently started their first field placement. How's it going? are you happy with your placement? how big is you're client-load? are you doing mostly casework or therapy? Share some feedback!

I'm loving my placement so far, I've basically only been doing therapy and my supervisor seems to really know his stuff, it's a great situation!

How about you guys?


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Jan 23, 2012
Academic Medical Center
Hey! I did my first placement last academic year, and will start my full time placement in January. We will start interviews in November for the placement. We went to orientation this last week though. Everyone is very upset and nervous because they want a paid internship, so now everyone wants to interview at the VA. There is much analyzing and surmising of who will go where hahaha. Then to add to the anxiety, the placement director stated she will send no more than 2 applicants per opening to interview for the positions. So now all of the people who wanted to interview at the VA are even more anxious because they may not even get the opportunity to interview at the VA. There are 3 slots for the VA and something like 20 people who want to interview there. We had a tiny cohort for the 2 year program, but the advanced standing classes are much bigger. Which equals more competition.

My last placement was some small crisis intervention and mostly case management. A lot of phone work. My goal is to make sure this second practicum is more about therapy rather than case management. To be fair, I asked specifically for a health practicum my foundation year, and told them at the time I'd like a mental health practicum for my second year. I specifically did that so I'd get good training in both health and mental health. I really want to work on a PACT team or in primary care.

I love living vicariously through all of you who are already in practicum!!
Nov 26, 2013
2nd year field placement. I currently have a caseload of 8 individual therapy patients and I believe I will max out at 12. I observe one DBT group that meets weekly and I co-facilitate a depression maintenance skills group. I am also learning to do intakes and asseements. I really like it thus far and I appreciate the challenges that I have encountered thus far. Supervision is awesome and is a sharp contrast to what I recieved last year.
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