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Oct 10, 2004
Hey friends,

I've been thinking about the HPSP scholarship alot and I've been wondering about rotations during 3rd/4th year.

1. How many rotations are required per year?

2. Will the military fly you out to them, pick up the housing tab, etc. and have you on active duty while you are there (i.e. do you get benefits)?

3. Are rotations only at bases? Is it really possible to get a FP or IM, yada yada yada rotation at places like Tripler in Hawaii or Bethesda in Maryland?

4. I know you have to do a residency match, but when it comes to active duty payback, can you rank bases that you would like to be sent to?



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Sep 24, 2003
Durham, NC
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To the best of my knowledge:

1.) 1...depends on how many years your commitment is though. I'm on the three year scholarship, so I only get three total, two of which I have to do during fourth year.

2.) Yes

3.) Yes. Yes.

4.) Yes, though of course you are subject to the "needs of the Army" in this aspect. I plan on ranking Europe pretty highly, so I doubt (hopefully) that I'll have much of a problem getting it. Hawaii might be a different story.