Mar 24, 2012
I got a BS Human Services/MS Human Services many years ago it was a dual program at the time it was paid for with the nonprofit organization was working with but what I need is a licenses cause that job had a huge lay off and can't find work on the degree. Should I get a MSW or LMFT etc..have this human service degree lot of positions say licenses eligible but don't know if they would help pay. The pay is obviously low but I cant work clinical and it makes it hard to find work. I have thought about a total career change and tried OT but got kicked out for a 79 after putting in a whole year with A's and B's. I'm not sure what is the best step I want a career that offers me stability with a licenses. I hate nursing or would do that. I like PT OT RT but after this OT incident. Now lost on what to do as far as good career route. A doctoral might take to long not sure on the options and salary.
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