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Jan 2, 2005

I'm a college senior,and have to take the 4 required science courses for med school admissions. I'd appreciate any help with my questions--thanks in advance for being so generous by writing back! :love: For people at the Hunter and Columbia post-bac programs, if you could give some input on your experience...
-what postbac program are you in?
-do you think the classes offered have prepped you well for MCATs, or did you have to do some learning of material covered on the MCAT on your own? Did it depend on the teacher who taught the course?
-has anyone taken three core science classes at once during the fall and spring? If so, was it possible to also volunteer (and approx. how many hours?) while taking so many courses? Or, did you spend all your time studying? Was it recommended or not recommended by people? Is it "hell?" I'm asking because i'm trying to figure out a timeline for what I might do
-have you taken two science classes at a time? If so, were you able to fit in some volunteering/working, while also managing to do well in your classes? How much volunteer time were you able to spare approx. per week?
- is it really, crazily difficult to get an A at Columbia in the science courses? I mean, for example, are the problem sets for physics and chemistry ridiculously difficult (I took Chem 1 freshman year at my school, and the teacher seemed to create some questions that were sadistically math riddles created just to torture us...and I don't think it served any purpose beyond torture...but that's arguable)? Do you find that you spend hours and hours doing the problem sets, or are the problems reasonable and not meant to eat up your whole life/time?
-do you find that Columbia is an inspiring place to study at? Why did you choose to study there? I mean, why didn't you choose Hunter, for example? Was it the name recognition issue?
I really do appreciate your help. Good luck with your programs! :luck:
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