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Discussion in 'Clinical Rotations' started by Vitaliano333, Jun 15, 2002.

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    I tried this one over on the International forum where it was kindly suggested that I might want to move it over to R-n-R, so here it goes.
    I'm an IMG who's just starting to sort out the application process and I need answers to the following questions:

    1) Besides Freida, what other sources do most applicants use to decide which programs to apply to?;

    2)Is there any way to know if the particular program I'm interested in grants interviews to IMGs? Should I e-mail and ask them before spending money applying there? And how reliable are those IMG-friendly hospital lists that are all over the internet?;

    3) When is the best time to apply? I've heard some say an IMG should apply as early as possible while others say mid-October would be best, otherwise your app could get lost in the shuffle.

    I should mention that I'm ECFMG-certified, so that won't be a factor in any of my decisions.

    Thanks in advance
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    Hi there,
    The intenet can be a good source of information about programs. You can e-mail the program directors directly or call and chat with the program coordinators. Most will answer your questions directly. Many residency programs post lists of their residents and where they attended medical school.

    People who graduated before you and have come to this country are a pretty good source of information about residency programs. You should have some kind of network before you blindly enter the residency selection process.

    Just because a program has never taken an FMG or previously taken an FMG does not torpedo or enhance your chances. You have to make some phone calls and send out some e-mails seeking information. If possible, e-mail residents in the programs that interest you and get information too.

    Websites information is only as accurate as the person who created the website makes it. You still need to find out things on your own. You often don't know how dated some websites may be or how often they are updated. Residency applications often go in cycles and complete programs can turn over in a couple of years. I would use a website as a starting point, supplement that information with e-mails or phone calls and gather as much as you can from those who have recently gone before you. Good luck!
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