i have an urgent question please?

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    hello i have a median nerve injury and i loss cortical senstion but crude touch relativly to normal i very like a neurosurgery can i specialize it with my injury? and this my EMG Median nerve right distal latency of the right median nerve is stretched CMAP amplitude of the collapsed the driving PNT slowed It is a significant slowdown in VCS median nerve through the right wrist the amplitude of the PA collapsed sensitive law dr median nerve neuropathy severe law focused at the lower third of the forearm responsible for sensorimotor advanced conduction block with signs of suffering axonal we note the persence signs of reinnervation moderate the ulnar nerve is free right and there is no EMG signs of radiculopathy at upper right limb no electric signs for a thoracic outlet syndrome parade please.. i want answer iam affraid from my injury interfering with the neurosurgry speciality?
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    How did this nerve injury lead to inability to properly punctuate your sentences?

    And how is this an urgent question?

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