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you talking about RU486...right?
Yeah, just checkout salaries...primary care does not pay well. I was set on being family doc too, but if hours are as bad as i hear...well, then i might reconsider.

i know you can check out salaries at salaries.com...but i think a better site can be found...anyone? i cant remember the particular address i had in mind


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I think you accidentally clicked on 'new topic' instead of post reply to the family practice thread. Hopefully a mod will delete this soon enough.


feel like an Big A right now... Mods are too busy to fix it. It will just float into page 2 soon. the sooner the better...:)
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Originally posted by Diogenes

Man, this bumping is just wrong. Dude makes a mistake and people drag it out forever. I'm amused though....
Yeah, I agree. Bumping this thread up to embarass blameit is just wrong. You all should be ashamed of yourselves!!! ;)
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