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I need advice

I want to become a pharmacist but I am a high school senior. I don't feel ready to go to a different state for the next 6 years, so far away.
So I'm thinking I'll do 4 years of chemistry major, get the degree, do the prerequisites. and when I graduate, I'll go onto pharmacy school.

How many pharmacy schools did you all apply to?
I live in New Jersey, there is only one- rutgers ernest mario pharmacy school. it is insanely competitive.

In New York + Pennsylvania, there are 12. One is going to open up in new jersey in fall 2012. = 13 schools

So I am thinking I'll apply to 11 of those schools when the time comes. But I've been compiling the list of prerequisites I'll need to do but it just seems like it will be impossible.

that got me thinking, maybe I need to shorten the list. Hw many should I plan on applying to?

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list of requisites:
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