I need help! What shall I do?????

Discussion in 'Medical Students - DO' started by Challenge, Oct 26, 2001.

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    I am 26 years old grad student who's taking 16 credits.
    It seems the courses are overloaded to me considering I have ADHD(yes I've been clinically tested by a psychologist) and besides English is my second language(Korean) But I'm doing ok in school. However, I've been sick in the past several days(viral infection) so I had hard time keeping up studying and getting highly motivated again.
    But I have exams coming up soon and so I have million things to do. I'm really nervous and really really distracted keep thinking about what I should do whether I should get incomplete in one course and graduate a semester later or just finish in school earlier. I think I can pass that course and just graduate but I want to graduate with good grade since I have poor undergrad 2.9GPA.(well, I'm planning to take more undergrad courses)
    What shall I do? Does incomplete in 3credits course would affect it?
    I feel frustrated because I'm not a "normal" like other student who can study hard and get good grades and going through the right path traditionally.
    Also I'm trying to work with physician about dealing with ADD I have been suffering since day 1. That's why I need some time this semester.
    What do you guys think is the best idea?
    I would appreciate if you can help with my problem. Thank you!
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    I seem kinda garbled on what specifically you are asking of us... from what I'd gather, my recommendation would be to focus on the problem at hand. If you have immediate tests coming up - focus on them instead of looking to far down the road. Focus, Focus, focus!

    Hope I helped!
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