Sep 4, 2016
Okay-- Here it goes. This is a painful story for me, but searching the forums I couldn't find anyone who had a similar story.

I got fired once (technically, I was forced to resign) in my post-graduate years as a research tech from a prestigious laboratory at a nice university. I deserved it. I just was not mentally ready to take on a job like that, and I probably overestimated what I could do. After graduating college, I wasn't the most confident and I was nervous and probably OCD. Put that together in the pot, I probably should have known to quit early. However, I didn't. Life regrets.

Fast forward three years, I picked myself up and got a new job doing clinical work and fell in love. I decided medicine is my life and went to medical school. I excelled/did well. I realized the mistakes of my youth, but now that I'm considering applying for residencies I'm trying to figure out how to manage. I worked for a very famous person in their field of medicine, and the university I went to is a great place to do residency.

So here is my question for the SDN folks out there... with my heart in my throat that I don't get cut down.

1) Should I put the work experience on my CV? I worked there for almost a year. No publications. if I don't, I will have a gap year between graduation and starting my clinical experiences.

2) Should I apply to the university for residency knowing they can probably see my work profile? The university tells me that the profile says I didn't fit in with the culture of the lab, but there are no "red flags" that would prevent me from applying. Either way, I'm sure the subtext isn't a good sign.