I would like to ask some questions bc I'm not sure if this is the right path for me.

Here is the situation. I graduated in 2014 from a public university and even though my gpa is 3.1, I do not feel it will be competitive enough to go to Dental School. According to AADSAS, my GPA is 2.85.

I thought about doing a post bacc but they only have fall admissions and I would have to wait another year, a year I do not want to wait because I'll be 29 years old by then and the sooner I do this the better.

I didn't have a good experience in the public university I attended to so I was looking for a smaller private university to complete my pre dental curriculum.

Is attending a small private university a good idea? or bad idea? I would have to move somewhere else because the only option I have close to my house is the public university I went to.

I already talked to the director of admissions from a small private university and he said I can do a second bachelor's degree in Biomedical sciences or just take the pre reqs and apply to dental school.

I feel like completing the second bachelor's will give me a better chance to demonstrate adcoms that I was able to improve myself academically. Am I wrong? the director of admissions said he transferred 53 credits to the biomedical bachelor's degree so it would take me around 2 years to finish it.

Is pursuing a second bachelor's a good idea? or just taking the pre reqs will be enough? I haven't taken any science classes so it would be my first time taking them.

This is the last chance I have to do this and I do not want to take the wrong decision.

thanks and sorry for the long post.
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