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Aug 2, 2016
Hey guys, I hope everything is going well for all of you. I would just like some advice because I have just graduated from a NJ state university with a BS in Bio, and have about a 3.0-3.1 Science GPA. I was originally on a presidential scholarship, and kept doing progressively worse during my undergraduate career. I eventually became pretty depressed because I had no idea why my performance was so bad. However, towards the end of my senior year I was hospitalized a few times, and they suggested something might be wrong with my brain. It turns out I had epileptic seizures throughout the whole of my undergraduate career, and nor the ER or my PCP was able to determine it. Until a student caught me seizing and took me to a neurologist, they located my issue to a growing brain tumor which I am currently in the process of removing. To better support my case, I finished my last semester of college with a 3.6 because I was properly being treated for my seizures. Reflecting back on my story, its a bit embarrassing as I sat through finals seizing and crapping my pants without even realizing it. Throughout my undergraduate career, I have worked in a research lab, as I have been there for almost 8 years now. I have put out many papers while also working as an EMT for two years. I am looking at a 517 MCAT score. Is it realistic for me to get into an MD school? Is my condition something that medical schools will understand?
May 11, 2016
Apply to DO schools. They are a little more forgiving and they are really not much different than MD in training. People like the MD letters after their name, but in the end, you can still practice medicine in any specialty if you try hard enough.
You MCAT score is fine. If you really want to apply to MD schools, by all means, it never hurts to try. I would highly suggest you purchase the MSAR. You can see the MCAT and GPA range that the school will accept from the 10-90th percentile. I would not waste my money on a school that does not accept your GPA. All they will do is take your money and reject you.

If you want to improve your grades for the DO school application AACOMAS, you can repeat a class and it will substitute the grade for your old one, essentially cancelling a poor grade. It's a great option to blot out any issues.

I had issues with debilitating migraines going through college, and it screwed up by grades. I found out late that it was a soy allergy causing it. It didn't recover my grades, but I did give me a little over a year to rebound. Believe it or not, if they look at your transcripts they will see that rebound. It matters, too.

Don't give up. Keep at it. You aren't the first one to ever butcher your grades for a reason that wasn't your fault. They will see your work ethic, too.