Postbacc GPA guidance

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Apr 19, 2022
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Current non-trad, 27yo, ICU RN for 4 years, will be applying for the 2026 cycle. I'm currently 3 classes away from finishing my prereqs and I've found myself to be in a bit of an issue.

I've gotten all A/A- in the sciences I've taken for my postbacc: Gen chem 1&2, OChem 1, Bio 1&2, and biochem. I took a 4-week self taught precalc 1&2 class one summer because it was a prereq to take physics. I unfortunately got a B in that class and since it counted for 2 semesters of content, it was worth 5 credits. Math has never been my strong suit, I'm struggling in Phys1 right now, and it looks like I'll be getting a B+ in it.

My current post back GPA is a 3.71, if I get a B+ in physics, it'll drop to 3.66. My post bacc sGPA is very high, but when I add in the B+/B from precalc and phys1, it brings it down 0.2 points. I'm still due to take Phys 2 and OChem2. Theoretically, how much will a 3.6-3.66 postbacc GPA hurt me when applying? Should I even apply at that point? I haven't taken the MCAT yet and know that a good score can help but, I'm very worried that my post bacc GPA will hold me back.

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I'm assuming your post-bacc work is just the pre-reqs as you're a career changer. Looks like you just have an ok GPA then and probably some good stories from RN. Do well on the MCAT and apply broadly and I see no issue. (Obviously do as well as possible in remaining classes and take my advice with a grain of salt)