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Dec 24, 2008
dear friends, i have finally passed, thank you for all your help. this forum is GREAT!!
I promised dr. reddy that I will leave a good note on the forums if i passed and so here it goes...

I came across dr. reddy coaching classes thanks to this forum in october, i was not sure if i should take his coaching or others, i emailed few people who took his course and got a strong positive response, as price of coaching was low, i felt it is worth to give it a try as i already failed twice.

studying cases and mugging up dialogues is only half the battle for me.. taking the exam and speaking english is the other half. Dr. Reddy.. i am telling you.. has an incredible understanding in knowing what the exam is testing and very importantly knowing exactly where you are going wrong since it is one on one coaching. He teaches you approach to SP that really works! I’m very sure I would have approached the cases all wrong again if I didnt had such thorough preparation by him.

I appreciate all your encouragement and advice Dr. Reddy.

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