I want to know my interest about oncology more.

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Feb 16, 2015
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Hello everyone!

I am a 3rd year foreign medical student. Actually, I am really interested in clinical oncology from before entering the medical school. Even though I have searched something about oncology field in pubmed and google, but I don't know well how can i approach it. And I heard about US medical students who are researching with professors. In summary, I am wondering how to find specific topics related to oncology and contact researcher associated with that. If there is anyone who know about something, please give me some advice. I will listen carefully to any advice with thankfulness.

Thank you in advance!

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Do you want to do oncology research in the US or in your own country? You should pursue research in a country with a language that you are fluent speaking. Not many professors will want to take on a student without any prior research experience (and you would not be paid). "Oncology" is an incredibly broad topic that includes most areas of science (generally, math/chem/physics/bio/public health/clinical research). You need to decide what you want to do.