IEFC & International Students: Help Please!

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Nov 26, 2007
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Hey guys,

Please help me:(. I am from the UK and want to study in Charles University, Czech Republic for Medicine.

I have come across with the IEFC (International Education Finance Corporation & ISLP) to support my financial needs for the 6 Year Medicine course.

I think one of the requirements is that International students who wants to borrow money from IEFC would need to have a US Co-Signer (who is a US Citizen or a US Permanent Resident). I do not have problems with finding a co-signer because I have relatives in the USA.

Has anyone used IEFC before? I want to know whether 'co-signers' would have to pay anything or not after I graduate medical school? Is the student entitled to pay for the loan right after s/he graduates?:confused: Or can I choose to repay them for a long duration of time?:confused:

What are responsibilities of a co-signer? Does the co-signer have to have a bank account in the USA? If so, which bank would give me the lowest possible interest rate?:confused:

IEFC is so unhelpful. After e-mailing them they simply gave me their website (which I already checked twice and found no answer to my query).

Any help or assistance would be highly appreciated. Many thanks.:oops: I'm so sorry for this inconvenience.

I hope I posted my inquiry to the right Sub-Forum i.e. Financial Aid. Though this could be also related to the International forum.

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