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  1. Attending Physician
    Our forum has surpassed these forums in posts and discussions! :clap:

    Military Medicine
    Family Medicine
    Radiation Oncology

    Thanks to all the regular contributors and those who frequent this forum. Without your input, this forum would be just one individual on his soap box. This would not be helpful. :D

    Good job!
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    Fixing in 10% neutral buffered formalin
    1. Attending Physician
      Dude, I never started a thread with 4 posts, all of which were mine! ;) Our forum doesn't have much post padding. We have lots of questions about "what are my chances for residency" with and without accurate spelling, however.

      Seriously, though, one of my favorite lecture series during my 1st year of med school was 3 lectures on the physiology and neuroanatomy of vision. Unbelievable. I like the eyes, I just could never operate on them. It is the only part of the human body that makes me squeamish. Fortunately, pathologists very rarely have to do anything with eyes. In autopsies they are usually left in situ.
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