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Jul 22, 2002
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If you could basically change the whole application process, what would you change (seriously)?

-I'd move the April MCAT up a month to March so it didn't slow the app process down so much.

-AMCAS would be processed quicker (if possible) and schools would be required to receive the info electronically to speed things up.

-I'd demand that schools used the AMCAS system for seeing which classes and EC's you've done (and I'd alter the AMCAS system to be more med school-friendly if need be). I think it's a total waste of time that we have to tell AMCAS and various other med schools.

-I'd prohibit schools from asking for additional money just to look at the AMCAS (Mayo, BU for example). Why do they do this (answer: because they can and want the money)?! I'd also demand that schools justify the amount they charge for secondary fees. In case you can't tell, I suspect that med school applicants are being screwed over for money just because med schools are in a position of great power.

-Schools would be forced to disclose their screening procedure to the world. Therefore, if a school simply uses a mathematicalformula (think: Stanford), many many applicants would avoid hassle, headache, and financial expense on a school that won't actually have a pair of human eyes look at their application.

Other ideas?


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Oct 6, 2001
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I'de be less radical - I'de just get the staff to

1. pick up the telephone,
2. try to be polite
3. refer callers to someone else if they don't know the answer rather than just snowing them


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May 13, 2002
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Why does AMCAS charge more as you increase the number of schools you apply to? It practically takes them the same effort to process 30 schools versus 1 school!
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