Medical I'm 31 years old, foreign graduate with an online doctor of PT degree. How do I jump into medical school.

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Oct 27, 2013
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Simply, no US med school accepts any foreign Bachelor's degree and my online doctorate degree means nothing to admissions. I am currently trying to find a Bachelor's degree program that may help me transition to being accepted in one of the med schools here in Texas. I know online Bachelor's degree program are shorter but most med schools will not accept them either. Has anybody find a better path or has successfully overcome these tremendous obstacles to being accepted as a MD student applicant? I would like to hear from you.

Your best bet to be the strongest applicant you can be is to get a bachelors in-person (in any field - that doesn't matter as much) with in-person pre-req courses with a strong GPA (cumulative and science). Whether the degree is online or not is arguable, but few schools accept online pre-reqs, and those that do usually limit the number in which they take.

There isn't really any other pathway here that I'm aware of.

Good luck!

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