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That's refreshing to see, especially after watching the Larry King CNN interview with Jenny McCarthy, which contained gems such as these:

"Parents' anecdotal [information] is science-based information."

"I've never said this before, Larry. This debate is over. Vaccines can trigger autism. It happened to Hannah Poling. It happened to many other kids. I've confirmed it."

"Give me Mumps and Measles. I'll take that way over autism any day." (until her child gets measles encephalitis, one would assume...)

I should give the caveat that she is not actually advocating ending vaccinations, but rather ill-defined "alternative schedules", removing essentially all preservative chemicals, "immune testing" of children before giving vaccinations,and other equally evidence-based recommendations such as curing autism with gluten-free diets. Apparently her experience as a former Playboy playmate and host of an MTV dating show have given her the necessary background to interpret scientific studies and give medical advice. I think it's extremely irresponsible for celebrities like her to make people frightened of proven public health measures like vaccination based on data that is shaky at best. Good for Amanda Peet for actually educating herself and making an informed decision based on facts instead of conjecture.
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Dec 12, 2002
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No, not because I found an uncut re-run of Whole Nine Yards...

I saw one of these ads. :love:

I loved her naken in Whole Nine Yards. Hot. :love:

And this site is awesome, making me love her even more.

People like Jenny McCarthy are idiots. They will never believe anything else, no matter what evidence is presented, and are convinced the the medical community is a huge conspiracy. They are spreading that kind of crap misinformation all over the place. I wonder if it will take children starting to die before people get the message.
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