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Dec 18, 2008
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Hi there,

I bought this material last year for the EPPP exam. Since I have moved to the Province of Quebec, I don't need to pass this exam anymore...
Here is what I have to sell (the complete package only)

PsychPrep 2005 original EPPP study material

Practice test A
Practice test B
Practice test C
Practive test D
Practice test E
Mastering the EPPP (Workshop Questions + Workshop answers)
Mastering the EPPP (Overheads)
Quiz questions and answers for EPPP X2 (different questions sets)
Test taking strategies and rationales
Study strategies for EPPP

Section 1: Theories and principles of learning and behaviors
Section 2: Biological bases of Behavior
Section 3: Ethical and professional issues
Section 4: Industrial/organizational psychology
Section 5: Treatment and prevention
Section 6: Research desing, statistic, and test construction
Section 7: Social and multicultural psychology
Section 8: developmental psychology
Section 9: DSM-IV
Section 10: Memory
Section 11: Assessment
Section 12: Key terms

Including all audio tapes for each sections + Test E audio CD

I am asking 300$ + shipping
contact me via e-mail [email protected]

Thanks a lot!
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